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Pontifex Physiotherapy is an award winning specialist level Physiotherapy Clinic

We provide our patients with high quality care in a warm professional clinic that offers private one-on-one extended consultations every time. Our private treatment rooms and gym allow us to go through in detail the best approach for your complete recovery. As we specialise in treating complex conditions that are often overwhelming to the patient, we better understand the underlying problems of your injury. This means less sessions to get you back to the quality of life that you desire. We look forward to helping you in the clinic soon!


How it Works

We have Time To Listen

Our 40 minute appointment sessions in private rooms gives you the time and privacy you need to tell us your complete story. This gives us a tremendous advantage to get to the true source of your problem and get you on the correct path to recovery.

We Truly Care

We built this company on the foundation of family values and treat all patients as we would our own families. We provide customised treatment tables which have additional padding, and are extra wide for less mobile patients. Treatment tables are also heated in the winter months to provide extra comfort for patients.

We Go the Extra Mile

If you are based at home and can not attend our clinic, we are also able to conduct telehealth/video consultations. We also have for all our patients video based exercises with your personalised program accessed through a free app physiapp™ or online. Our clinic has wheelchair access and out of normal working hours appointments.

One on One care

Our appointments are 40 minutes in a one on one setting within private appointment rooms. We won’t be jumping from patient to patient. Our private gym has all the equipment needed to help improve your health and complete your recovery from start to finish.

What We Do

Detailed Examination

The key to your success is in the details. Upon your initial appointment we examine all possibilities and aspects of your current problem and work with you to find the most effective and efficient recovery plan to get you out of pain and back to the things you enjoy. As you progress in your rehabilitation, constant evaluations and improvements in your program are made to ensure you are on the correct recovery pathway every step of the way.

High Quality Diagnosis

With our extended one one consults and private rooms, our clinic environment is set up to succeed in making sure you get the right diagnosis. Our team of physiotherapists will all provide you with a high quality diagnosis and recovery plan. Where appropriate, we can guide you on getting any further examinations or scans done to confirm or rule out any other potential issues. This will ensure that you are on the right path to recovery.

Individualised Treatment Approach

Every patient is unique and your treatment at Pontifex Physiotherapy reflects that. After the initial examination and diagnosis, we work with you to come up with the best recovery plan for you and your injury. We will modify your program to suit your current lifestyle and time commitments. This will include the right combination for you of hands on manual therapy, exercises and lifestyle modifications where indicated. We also work closely with your General Practitioners, Specialists and other allied health practitioners to provide a holistic approach to your health.

Long Term Success

Our primary focus is improving your pain and quality of life for the long term. Once your injury is resolved, we will provide you with a simple plan to keep doing the things you enjoy without worrying about whether your body will tolerate the activities. By treating the source of your problem from an accurate diagnosis and not just a quick fix pain solution, we will set you up for long term success.

Contact Us

Contact us today to see how we can help you improve your quality of life and get the most out of your body!

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