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Why Pontifex Physiotherapy

Starting a Physiotherapy clinic from scratch allowed us the opportunity to construct a clinic exactly how we think will best serve our patients. We have listened to our patients over the years and tried to overcome the issues they experienced at other clinics. Nick has spent half his career working in both Australia and America. Through his experience of two contrasting Physiotherapy styles and cultures he is able to provide a unique blend of techniques to ensure the right therapy for each patient. Below are just a few key issues that we aim to improve:



I don’t get much time with my Physiotherapist during each session

At Pontifex Physiotherapy, we won’t be treating two or more patients at one time. We provide one on one consultations in private treatment rooms so you get the attention you deserve. This removes the issue many clinics have of unfairly expecting patients to release personal details with only a thin curtain between them and another patient. Our standard consultations are 40mins, which is also 30% longer than industry standard, giving us more time to analyse and treat your condition.

I don’t get much hands-on treatment during my consultation?

There is nothing at this stage that provides more value for your time and money than high quality hands-on treatment, individualised exercise programming, and important work/lifestyle management changes. This is what we have found best for our patients as well as what is the best research supported approach. However, we constantly monitor progressions in the industry for treatment options.

Physiotherapy clinics are often a stale and uncomfortable environment:

We have created a warm and friendly environment with our finishes and friendly staff. We have also customised treatment tables designed for more patient comfort with adjustable face holes, high quality padding and extra wide treatment tables. Treatment tables are also heated in the winter months to provide extra comfort for patients.

I sometimes forget my exercises or am unsure of how to do them:

We provide video-based exercises through a free app to demonstrate the correct technique. PhysiApp, which is a free app can be downloaded onto your phone so you always have quick and easy access to your personal exercises. PhysiApp has over 3,500 videos, but we are also creating more videos each day at Pontifex Physiotherapy to provide exercises with even greater detail.

I would like to go through higher level gym based exercises with my Physiotherapist

We have our own private gym area with a full squat rack, pull-up bar, full set of dumbbells, Olympic barbell, exercise bike, bench press table and much more. We can even do video analysis to analyse your own exercise technique and you can review it later on your phone or through email.

I can’t book an appointment outside of work hours

We have online bookings available where you can book through our website or even through Facebook. It is the quickest and easiest online booking service available in the industry!

Its often hard to park close to my Physiotherapy clinic

There is street parking directly in front of our clinic that has just a few steps as well as ramp access. We also have private secure parking attached to the back of clinic for those who are in severe pain or elderly.

This clinic is eHealth ready

As a paperless clinic, we are taking all measures to ensure we are up to date on all technology to ensure we remain a progressive Physiotherapy clinic.

It’s too far to travel regularly to see my Physiotherapist

Our clinic is located close to Sutherland Train station. Our Physiotherapists also see patients throughout NSW, not just from Sydney.  If you are based at home and can not attend our clinic, we are also able to conduct telehealth/video consultations.