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Advanced Throwing/Pitching Training

Advanced Throwing/Pitching Training

Are You Looking For Advanced Throwing Or Pitching Coaching?

The following program is great for players looking to improve their understanding of the latest baseball technology and help improve their throwing/pitching in many ways. The key to this program is knowing how to use the technology and implement changes. It has been great to see many programs/showcases now have modern baseball technology, but sadly rarely do players get taught what the data/slow motion video means and how to use this information to their advantage. This is because you need to have a very good understanding of what creates rotations power, where the common faults are, and which key points of data or video to focus on. Without this it becomes very overwhelming for players and coaches to work their way through the data and video analysis.

What Is Included In Our Upcoming Program?

    • Dual action video slow motion video analysis
    • Rapsodo pitch tracking for spin rate, spin direction, spin efficiency, velocity etc
    • Pocket Radar for velocity measurements
    • Private online group access
    • Access to modern training aids
      • Core Velocity Belts
      • King Of The Hill
      • Medicine balls
      • Weighted balls
      • Motus Sleeve
    • 4 Weeks of training. Each training session includes:
      • 1x per week.
        • 30 mins for warm up
        • 30 mins of training with the Rapsodo/Video
        • 30 mins of training with the pocket radar and training aids
          • Training aid time can be shortened if needed


  • Players are expected to be throwing 2 additional times during the week for the program to be successful
  • Plyo Balls: Each player is required to have their own set of balls to continue training at home between sessions. We will offer them at significantly reduced rates for players that don’t have them.

To Benefit From The Technology You Need A Coach With:

  • A great understanding of biomechanics
  • A great understanding of all the data available for players
  • A great understanding of how to implement the changes from the data/technology into what players can understand and use. This is the hardest part of using modern technology.

Expected Player Outcomes:

  • Players to understand technology and how it can help them be a better pitcher
    • Which numbers/data to focus on and not get overwhelmed or confused with the technology.
  • Improved pitch design and/or throwing mechanics
  • A plan and training goals for the next weeks/months following the program
  • Velocity will likely improve, but this is not the primary purpose of the program. We have other programs for this including “Rotation Power” and “Baseball Specific Weight Training”. Please contact us for these programs.

Who can Sign Up For The Program?

  • Any player with a great attitude and willing to learn. There is no skill requirement, just that you are willing to attend each session and put in the effort to improve as a pitcher/thrower.
  • Age: We recommend ages 13 and up, but can be slightly younger if the player is mentally and physically ready.
  • Players that can be independent with their training.
    • Players will be given instructions/drills to work on by themselves at times during the program and at home.
  • Location: GlandSlam Hitting Centre, Caringbah.
    • Dates and times on request.
  • Cost: $149 for the whole program.
    • Limited Spots available

Becoming the Complete Pitcher

For players looking to improve their ability as a pitcher, we will also provide assistance with the key attributes to becoming a successful pitcher such as:

  • Velocity
  • Command
  • Deception
  • Control
  • Pitching Endurance
  • Holding runners
  • Learning a hitters weakness and exploiting it
  • Managing the role of a starting pitcher
  • Understanding the keys to a warm up routine for a starting pitcher
  • Managing the role of a relief pitcher
  • Understanding the keys to a warm up routine for a relief pitcher
  • Understanding the workout routine between appearances as a starting pitcher
  • Understanding the workout routine between appearances as a relief pitcher
  • Understanding the importance of the off-season and non-throwing period
  • Understanding the importance of the off-season and non-throwing period

There is a tremendous amount of work and skill that is required to become an elite pitcher. This can easily get overwhelming to players, parents and coaches. We have the ability to help the player prioritise their time into what is important for the player to succeed and achieve their pitching goals.

*Conditions apply for Private Health Insurance Rebate*

Online Questionnaire Form:

If you haven’t already, please fill out our online questionnaire at least 24 hours before your first appointment. This allows us to save time with our questioning and spend more assessing and planning!

Please call or email us to discuss any further questions you may have.

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