Nick Pontifex 

Director & Senior Physiotherapist

Nick is the managing director and senior Physiotherapist at Pontifex Physiotherapy. Nick completed his Doctorate in Physiotherapy in Florida, USA and several years later completed his Orthopeadic Certified Specialist (OCS) title. Nick has also completed his BradCliff Certified Practitioner course and later this year will be completing the level 3 course, the highest level available.  Nick also is a high performance baseball Physiotherapist for the Sutherland Shire area as well as consulting with clubs on player management throughout Sydney.   Nick has continued to focus on discovering the truth behind complex issues that are often baffling to patients and healthcare workers. Nick uses his vast array of skills to make sure he gets to the true cause of the patient's problem and makes sure each treatment session is of the highest quality. Nick is lucky to have an amazing wife in Yvette and two beautiful young girls in Kalea and Abigail.




Yvette Pontifex 

Clinic Manager

Now the mother of two beautiful girls Kalea and Abigail, keeping Nick in line, and managing the clinic, Yvette has a busy schedule. Yvette has a long history of Managing several retail stores with her most recent tenure at Pontifex Jewellers for 13 years.  Yvette has great experience of managing people and running a business. Yvette also has been a licensed remedial massage therapist so also has good knowledge of the health industry. Yvette somehow finds time to get fit and exercise, but will always manage to squeeze time to read her books. 




Brooklyn Coots

Receptionist/ Assistant

Brooklyn is starting her Bachelor of Exercise Science, at the University of Wollongong this year, with hopes to become a Physiotherapist or an Exercise Physiologist. Brooklyn will be playing her 13th season of netball this year, and is currently a Representative Player. After the exciting adventure of her trip to Hawaii, Brooklyn has a goal to learn how to surf, thus expanding her love for the beach and the water. Brooklyn loves exercising, shopping and being with her friends and family, as well as her dogs, Missy and Coco. 




Georgia Siderovski

| Receptionist/ Assistant 

Georgia is currently in her second year of University, studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at The Australian Catholic University where she hopes to go onto completing her masters in Physiotherapy. Although Georgia hasn't played team sports in a couple of years, she keeps very fit and active by training at the gym 4-5 times a week. Georgia is always energetic, determined and adventurous as she loves early morning hikes to watch the sunrise. Georgia is described by her friends and family as someone who is always laughing and loves surrounding herself with her loved ones every opportunity she gets.