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The Need For Speed Series: Part 2 “Get It Going The Right Way”

Part 2 of our series focuses on the acceleration phase of sprinting.

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Acceleration Phase

There are 4 keys to maximising acceleration:

  • Trunk/Torso Position: Body forward Lean to approx. 45°
  • Foot Contact: Ball of foot, in line with hip joints
  • Shin Angle at Foot Contact: Similar to body angle (45°)

*Hip at 90° Knee at 90°

  • Ankle Position: Neutral Position, 0° Dorsiflexion, foot perpendicular to shin

Watch the video below for further explanation about why the direction of your biomechanical aspect is of huge importance to the acceleration phase.

If you’re interested in how we develop acceleration, watch the video below of a recent training session our staff participated in.

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of the different phases and aspects of speed. If you are looking to improve your quality of life or perform better with your sport then feel free to book in with our team. This will make sure you have the best chance of achieving these goals by getting a thorough assessment and an individualised program.

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