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Waterproof Synthetic Casting

Are you unlucky enough to have broken an arm or leg?

We are pleased to offer Waterproof Synthetic Casting and Exos Bracing at Pontifex Physiotherapy.

**We offer multiple sizes and colours too!


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Areas we offer and their uses:

  • Short ArmĀ 

    • Fractures of the wrist, distal radius & ulnar, some carpals or fusion of the wrist


  • Long Arm

    • Fractures of the proximal forearm or humerus
  • Scaphoid Cast/Thumb Spica

    • Fractured scaphoid, ligament injuries of the thumb, fractures of the 1st metacarpal or radial carpus

Short Leg

    • Fractures of foot and ankle, ankle fusion, soft tissue injuries
Exos braces can be used in place of casting in some scenarios. For more information CLICK HERE
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